Working Bee & Potluck Dinner | Saturday 12th August

Join us from 9am to help with our annual cleanup at the centre, reserve and trail. There will be a great opportunity for birdwatching in the afternoon. Bring a plate to share for dinner at 6.30pm followed by our competitive (and fun) Quiz!

Beach Clean-Up | Friday 18th August 1.00PM – 3.00PM

Join our community event with the Department of Conservation, the Pūkorokoro Shorebird Centre and Kaiaua School as we clean up our local shoreline.

The unique coastal environment and chenier plains are home to breeding Tūturiwhatu (NZ Dotterels) and Tōrea pango (Variable oystercatchers) and a resting space for thousands of arctic migrants like the kuaka (Bar-tailed godwits) and NZ migrants like Ngutu parore (Wrybill). It is important that we are kaitiaki for these species by keeping them safe and keeping their whare (home) clean.

We will organise groups and sections of the coast to be covered and then all come back to the Torea Mangu sculpture to talk about the birds in the area and look at them through our scopes. We will create a piece of art with our collection and compare this with other clean-up efforts around the Tīkapa Moana (Firth of Thames).

Bring a pair of gardening gloves if you have them. Bags will be provided.


Spring Migration Day | Sunday 22nd October

Claire Fearnley, the former New Zealand Ambassador to China and Korea will be our speaker at 10am. High tide is at 1.30pm so bring your lunch and head out for some bird watching at the hides in the afternoon.


Firth of Thames Wader Census | Sunday 19th November

If you’d like to be a part of the Firth of Thames Wader Census and count the birds around the coast then email Tony Habraken (aahabraken@gmail.com) for more details.

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