Treats on the shell banks at the moment include a black tailed godwit, a whimbrel and an arctic tern was spotted after the recent AGM. A handful of knot are looking strangely very red at the moment too – a nice sight to see though. s list is some of the species seen at Miranda in recent weeks:

Arctic Migrants and Vagrants: 
Bar-tailed Godwit              c.600

Black Tailed Godwit            1 

Red Knot                          c.600

Sharp-tailed Sandpiper    

Pacific Golden Plover      

Red-necked Stint            

Turnstone                        2

Whimbrel                         1   

Curlew Sandpiper            2        

Terek Sandpiper               –

Pectoral Sandpiper          –

Large Sand Dotterel         – 

Arctic skua                       –

New Zealand Species  
Wrybill                                                   c.2000

South Island Pied Oystercatcher         c.1800   

Variable Oystercatcher                         Several

New Zealand Dotterel                           13

Banded Dotterel                                    120

Caspian Tern                                        80

Little Tern                                               1

Black-billed Gull                                    c.100

Red-billed Gull                                      Many

White-fronted Tern                                Many

Pied Stilt (incl. smudgy)                        500

Black Stilt                                               –

Royal Spoonbill                                     20    

White Heron                                          –                                

Banded Rail                                           –

Bittern                                                    –                                                   

Spotless Crake                                      –                                       

NZ Shoveler                                          –

Grey Teal                                              –

Brown Teal                                            –

Little Black Shag                                   16

Recent Sightings May 2010