Some details on the day!

The aims of this Bioblitz are:
1. To find out what species are present in the Taramaire-Miranda area.
2. To find out as much as possible about likely food web connections (including what epiphytes and plant diseases are on/in the plants) and what is feeding on the plants.

The day will start at 6am, with forays to find early birds and insects. During the day, visitors can help with collection of fish and other marine and freshwater organisms, join the search for lizards, birds, flowering plants, lichens … all manner of living things, right through to midnight when we’ll be coming back from listening for night birds and spotlighting for spiders. Every hour, one of those experts will give a ten minute talk on their specialty and walks will leave to go and investigate something – anything! A huge energy web will be built up as the finds come in.

The formalities of the day will begin at 10:30  when John Tregidga, Mayor of Hauraki District and Chair of the Hauraki Gulf Forum will visit the Bioblitz.


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