University of Queensland Project Update
30th November 2013  9am – 1pm
Miranda Shorebird Centre

Millions of migratory shorebirds migrate from Arctic Russia and Alaska to Australia and New Zealand. We have discovered widespread population declines of staggering severity and rapidity, with some migratory shorebird populations crashing by 80% in 20 years. Many migratory species are declining while residents are not, suggesting the causes may lie outside Australasia. We have documented rapid loss of intertidal wetlands in eastern Asia, a region known to be of critical importance as stopover habitat for many migratory shorebirds.

9.00 Welcome and Introductions
9.30 Shorebird population collapse
10.00 Tidal flat loss in East Asia
10.30 Morning tea
11.00 Sea-level rise
11.30 What can we do? Conservation solutions
12.00 Panel discussion
12.30 Close, then light refreshments and birding

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Conserving Migratory Shorebirds Project update