Most of the Arctic Migrants have headed off on their journey north, SIPO are using the normal roost at Miranda and the smaller roost at the south of Kaiaua, but Wrybill are largely found between Taramaire and the limeworks.  A Marsh Sandpiper has recently arrived, it will be interesting to see if it stays the winter.


Arctic Migrants

Bar-tailed Godwit          300
Red Knot                       300
Turnstone                    3
Golden Plover         12
Curlew Sandpiper                 2
Terek Sandpiper        1
Marsh  Sandpiper    1

New Zealand Species
Pied Oystercatcher
Wrybill                                 2000
Banded Dotterel     120
NZ Dotterel
Variable Oystercatcher
Black-billed Gull
Red-billed Gull
White-fronted Tern
Caspian Tern
Pied Stilt                      1600
Royal Spoonbill         22
White Heron        2

Recent Sightings May-11