It’s a long way from Pukorokoro Miranda to Napier but The Flock had a very good reason to visit.
Over Queen’s Birthday weekend many “birders” gathered from all over New Zealand to take part in BirdsNZ annual conference.

We were able to tell them of The Flock Project and the great progress it had made. The talk went well and now birders throughout NZ know about The Flock.

The Flock made a great show when it appeared on the Napier foreshore early one morning.

One of the characters in The Flock is Godwin Kuaka Godwit. This is probably a good time to explain how he got his name.
Every year Forest and Bird holds a competition to choose the “Bird of the Year” Last year competition was fierce. “Go Godwit!” a supporter typed but it came out as “Go Godwin!” That is how he got his name, Godwit won and is “Bird of the Year 2015-16” Godwin wears a crown and he is almost as handsome as real godwits.

On The Flocks way home Godwin decided to visit Pukaha Mount Bruce. Lots of conservation work for bush birds like kokako and kiwi happens here.

Godwin Kuaka Godwit, as a shorebird ambassador, was really pleased to meet Manukura, the white kiwi, he is a very important bush bird and even has his own Facebook page.

 Godwin Kuaka Godwit and The Flock will soon be back at the Pukorokoro Miranda Shorebird Centre helping to “Keep the Birds Coming”  
They had a great road trip but were very sorry to miss the Pippin Brownies from Paeroa who brought their own very special birds to join The Flock yesterday.

Source: The Flock