So much has happened. It is difficult to know where to start.
The Pippin Brownies from Paeroa finished their birds. There are just a few Pippins so they each made 2 birds.

The “Boomer Boys” of the Manukau Beautification Charitable Trust are busy cutting out “birds”. A big smile here from Jack. Their Alzheimer’s Group will be priming them for the local schools
Pukorokoro Miranda now has a new Flock Team member. Krystal Glen is our Educator and will be visiting schools which are within travelling distance of the Shorebird Centre. If your school would like Krystal to visit please contact her

Nearly all  the Wrybill in the world can be found at Pukorokoro Miranda or the Manukau Harbour. They breed in the braided rivers of the South Island. We wouldn’t have so many if it weren’t for the amazing efforts of the Braider rivers Group in mid-Canterbury. We are thrilled that they have started their own wing or The Flock NZ. It took flight on Tuesday with enthusiastic support. Looking forward to progress reports.

There are two new non-bird additions to The Flock. These are the predators responsible for so much damage to our endemic shorebirds.
Have a great holiday weekend. The PM Flock is also on holiday. It is visiting the BirdsNZ Conference in    #theflocknz

Source: The Flock