by Kirsten Strom

23rd October 2019

2019 is our Year of the Wrybill.

A year to lift the profile this iconic New Zealand bird which we share with our South Island braided river friends. In the winter months nearly half of the total world population of wrybill reside with us at Pūkorokoro Miranda. .
At the launch of our celebration we were privileged to host the premiere of ‘A Flung Scarf of Wrybill’. Kirsten Strom, inspired by the synchronised flight of the wrybill flock, composed this piece. The trio Orbit, young members of Auckland Philharmonia, performed Kirsten’s music for us. The audience was so moved Orbit were asked to play the piece again.

Here we share the music, enhanced by the brilliant video photography and editing of Johan Kok

Huge thanks to Kirsten for the music, Orbit for their performance, Johan for the videography, Kaiaua school students for their enthusiasm and support and finally to the Wrybill for their choreography.

We hope that you enjoy.

Flung Scarf of Wrybill