26th October 2019

WRYBILL for Bird of the Year!

It’s time supporters! Voting is open and we would love your help making Wrybill / Ngutu Parore Bird of the Year!Vote WRYBILL for Bird of the Year

This year we have the option of picking our Top 5 Birds, and we will be supporting the other Braided River birds if you’d like to add them to your list too.

  • Kaki / Black Stilt
  • Tarapirohe / Black-fronted tern
  • Tarapuka / Black-billed Gull
  • Pohowera / Banded Dotterel.

NOTE: You’ll need to authenticate your vote to avoid any cheating this year, but check your Spam folder for the Forest and Bird email with your code and the link.

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Wrybill and chick on the braided river beds of the South Island


Wrybill are the poster bird for braided rivers – unique birds in an awesome landscape. We need to look after those rivers to secure a future not only for them, but for other river birds – Kaki / Black Stilt, Tarapirohe / Black-fronted tern, Tarapuka / Black-billed Gull, and Pohowera / Banded Dotterel.
Found only in New Zealand most of the Wrybill population migrate to the Auckland region after breeding – yet few New Zealanders have ever heard of them. We, at team Wrybill – a collaboration of Pūkorokoro Miranda Shorebird Centre and Braided River Aid (BRaid) – want to change that. So if any of these birds are your favourite, it would be great to vote for them all, but even better if you put Wrybill at the top of your list.

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The Tasman River and breeding habitat for the birds of the braided rivers
– South Island, New Zealand

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2019 is our Year of the Wrybill.