Ambassador, Minister and DG with Adrian Riegen
Visiting the Pukorokoro-Miranda Shorebird centre and the viewing hide are Adrian Riegen (Deputy Chair and Convenor of the NZ Wader Studies Group), Chinese Ambassador Wang, Hon Maggie Barry (Minister of Conservation), and Lou Sanson (Director General)
Wednesday 28th October,2015. Photograph Bruce Jarvis.

Lots going on in the news lately – here’s a bit of a roundup. UPDATED to include November!

17/11/15 Return from trip regarding Red Knots
RNZ audio

RNZ article

31/10/15 More Bird of the Year and godwits in general

Radio Live

30/10/15 – Listed on IUCN Red Data List

Radio New Zealand

28 October 2015 – Chinese habitat protection



CCTV (in Chinese) Their ‘godwit’ story starts at 4mins 50 secs. It’s in Chinese but the Minister and DOC DG are in English



25/10/15 – Bird of the year

Radio NZ 1 and Radio NZ Audio

Otago Daily Times

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Birdlife International



October 2015 Media Coverage