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Many thanks to Trudy Lane for loading all these resources onto the Pukorokoro Miranda website.Trudy also designed all of the poster resources, logos and a lot more.

This poster, which you can download and print, tells of the risk level for 15 of our shorebirds. Trudy has left space at the bottom left for you to add your own message.

There is an A5 mini poster for each of the 15 shorebird species with a few facts about each of them.
If you would like to know a little more there are 4 articles (Extinction is forever. Arctic migrants.Endemic species.Stilts) which you can download as PDF’s.
You will also find the FLOCK logo and font details you can use for your own FLOCK publicity.

Here in NZ now it is School holiday time but, a while ago, the very first school to join the FLOCK had a surprise. When the students from Kaiaua Primary arrived at school their FLOCK birds and many more had landed on the lawn.

A welcome also to two more schools, Paparimu Primary and Peninsula Primary Te Atatu.
Thanks also to Waikato Regional Council  for posting this photo on their Face Book page.
In this school holiday time we start to use the beaches a bit more. Now is when some birds are starting to nest.
This pair of Variable Oystercatchers have an egg already. They can be very scary and will dive bomb you if you get too close to their nest or their chick.

The NZ Dotterel also nests on the beach. Here the chick is being shaded from the sun.
We humans can cause beach nesting birds big problems.
This quite beautiful video cartoon from Bird Life International shows how nesting birds react to us.

This weekend, Sunday 2nd October, will be the first really big FLOCK appearance. Many Flock birds will roost at Ambury Park Farm Day, Ambury Regional Park, Mangere Bridge, Auckland. Find out more

Source: The Flock

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