A chance to show off the FLOCK to 20,000 people, young folk and family members. Meticulous plans were made, FLOCK team members rose before dawn and drove in cars packed with FLOCK birds. The occasion was Ambury Park Farm Day on Sunday October 2nd, a great happening on the edge of Auckland city.
Unwilling to accept the tyranny of the weather the team battled on and planted the FLOCK in dawns early light. Then the wind strengthened, the rain became horizontal and thunder and lightening threatened.Hardly anyone was there or likely to come. Time to pack up.

Trudy, Wendy,Louisa and Krystal still smiling though after a heroic effort.

It was a busy weekend for the FLOCK elsewhere. In the city itself was the Australasian Shorebird Conference. We scraped together a small FLOCK to welcome them on the AUT campus.

At the Shorebird Centre was another FLOCK to welcome those on Monday on their field trip from the ASC .

Also a new FLOCK member, mascot and money collector AKA “Noddy”

The same busy weekend and yet another small FLOCK appeared at Miranda’s Farm Gallery.

The Farm Gallery is promoting the work of Derek Onley who painted the illustrations for the latest Field Guide/Hand Guide to the Birds of NZ.

Back on the North Shore the weather on Sunday 2nd was a little kinder. The Holy Trinity Church in Devonport celebrated St. Francis of Assissi Day. Jim Eagles talked to the congregation about shorebird conservation.

The church group made many new FLOCK members and also donated to the cause. Thanks to Rev. Charmaine Braatvedt and her team for their great contribution.

In the eastern Bay of Plenty a FLOCK of over 200 birds from six schools were being planted in the Ohiwa Dunes.

It looked like a lot of fun! Thanks to Meg and Mike Collins who organised it and sent these photos.

We are thrilled with the latest recruits to the FLOCK campaign. Last Friday at the Devonport Naval Museum our Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. John Key, and the Minister for Conservation, Hon. Maggie Barry, spent some time with members of Pukorokoro Miranda Naturalists’ Trust.

As you can see they also painted and signed some new FLOCK members.

It is great to have their support and also that of all you folk out there who are making the FLOCKNZ project such a success.

BRaid in the S.I. continue to do remarkable things. Their Flocks have been touching down in a great number of spots. Here are just a few of them. 
Twizel Area School

Source: The Flock

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